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Aiken House and Gardens
Bite Size Bible Study 

Bluerose's Heart 


Desiring God

Housewife Theologian
i blog for books

Juana Mikels 
labor not in vain

Little House on the Valley

Liz Curtis Higgs 
Motivated By Jesus

Randy Alcorn's Blog

Rosemary & Thyme

Seasons of Humility 

Stuff & Nonsense

Telling of His Wonderful Deeds

The power of words... 
Women Living Well 

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  1. Thanks for having me on your blog list! I do appreciate it. I'm no longer using the URL you have listed. It's now

    Loving getting back into blogging and visiting. I forgot how much I enjoy reading all these encouraging thoughts!

    Have a great week~Anne

    1. Ok, thanks for letting me know! I've changed it now.

      I need to check these links once in awhile. : )

      Enjoy your week too Anne!

  2. So interesting...I'll have to read this.


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